Global World Congress on Peace & Love


Native Kahuna High Priestess Kumu Leina’ala Kaahuhailikaukoalaaika’alaneo Ka Wahine Ke Aloha Uhane Nui Moe Kapu Ali’i Nui


Kahuna Ka Wahine Ke Aloha Uhane Nui Moe Kapu Na Ali'i Nui Kumu Leina’ala Kaahuhailikaukoalaaika’alaneo is a sacred kahuna lapa’au “Medicine Women”  kanaka maoli (aboriginal) of Hawai'i. Her Mo’okuauhau Legacy of the Goddess Laka of the Hula, Goddess Pele “Pelehonuamea”, and the God Lono of Fertility. ; 

She carries the royal blood of a pure Lemurian and comes from a long line of Spiritual Kahuna (priest/shaman) and Ali'i (chiefs/chiefesses).  She has been blessed by the Kahuna/Kupuna Elders to carry the gifts in healing, of Hawaiian LomiLomi, Ho’oponopono, La’au Kahea “Prayer Healing”, La’au Lapa’au “Herbal Healing” internal and external.

 For over 40 years now she has worked with healing, health and wellness prevention and restorative health  for cancer, diabetes, heart disease strengthen the mind, body, spirit and soul healing of her patients.  She carries as Global World Ambassador on Peace and Love of  the Ancients. She has been blessed by the Kahuna/ High Priest/Shaman/ High Priestess as an Oracle of the Mo’okuauhau Genealogy of Mu Lemuria, from present to the beginning of time . She is a seer, medium, meta-physician, spiritual healer, till today she walks with the Divine Before her, she also has legions of the Aumakua Golden Guardians Light Beings. 
Kahuna Kumu Leina’ala has worked with people  on island  worldwide, sharing her mana (divine energy) and doing her sacred ceremonies and spiritual readings for over 40 years now.  Kumu Leina’ala comes from Volcano, Hawaii and lives with her Sweetheart “Kane” and her Ohana family on the Big Island of Hawai'i

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MESSAGE from the Golden Council of 13 Celestial Beings

Energy transmission " A circle of Love is ALL there is:

Beloved One, in the realms of the Golden Celestial ones they may think that we have forgotten those who have the inkling and remember they will feel it in the Circle of Love is All there is.

Golden lunar rays are emitting sacred codes Golden Codes energetic transmissions thru your crown chakra .

These energetic transmissions are for you and all creations and for those who are aware or not in this higher consciousness is where peace resides.  All those remember these rays are coming thru a memory right now in this very moment.

These illumination these beautiful golden transmissions of rays are coming thru be energized in the circle of love & light .

You are moving into a time of remembrance of who you really are.  You will remember this day .  You will remember it's Divine beacon.  You will remember you.

For you have the mana energy coming thru the golden light rays before you now.

Feel them thru the soles of your feet as it passes thru every chakra in your body , mind, spirit and soul.

It is feeding all and sharing the way and paving the way thru the beloved mother earth Gaia.

and in the golden crystalline grid into the heartbeat of the Mother.

beloved one, that this means esp for you right now are anchored in the light crystalline grid of co-creating the beloved heaven on mother earth. 

Breathe ~ you are being anchored right now with the breath of "HA" here in the centered Piko of Hawai'i.

With this golden circle of love is all there is.

Light is all around us as it is happening right now in this circle of love.

thank you mother, thank you we thank you mahlo for showing up 

Beloved Ones I introduce myself to you for i have not come here before to share this message and when I say I AM I am speaking for the celestial counsel of 13, I am speaking for the Golden Council of 13.

We are the council of the golden ones.

Mahalo me te Aloha Mauli Ola Mai Kakou


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