Global World Congress on

Peace & Love

A Healers Heal Thyself Global World Congress 2018


AUGUST 18-23, 2018



The Divine Light wants us to experience its joy and wisdom,
And to help us expand; to move beyond the limits and obstacles that prevent us from realizing the happiness and freedom we are capable of experiencing. 

We thus believe that the divinity of this Light lies in and around every individual, and it is our life’s purpose to find and express that divinity which exists – not somewhere far away in some distant world, but right here, within each of us.

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A Sacred Journey of the Healer

Created for people who have dedicated their lives to the service of others—including teachers, counselors, therapists, coaches, health professionals, hospice workers, and caregivers in any field—comes an in-depth healing to focus on healing ones-self as we heal others…

The 13 essential steps of The Healing Path to A Healer Heal Thy Self

  Is direct from Spirit


  • The recommended of Detoxing the Body, Mind, Spirit, Emotion, Heart and Soul
  • The recommendation of proper foods for healing and why they’re so important
  • The Mana Ka Oia ‘I’o the truth about rest, sleep and how to use it to your advantage
  • The ocean’s cleanse and sun’s roles in healing and how you can get the most from the all elements and sun’s power
  • How creativity affects your heart, spirit and soul and a unique way to access yours
  • Understanding what purpose is and how to begin finding your Makana special gift
  • Move Beyond Fear and Fear It-Self .How to pull yourself out of fear by building and harnessing faith, and peace in your body and in life
  • The truth about Pule “prayer”, and how to pray for best results
  • How Meditation affirmations really work and the best way to use them
  • The incredible power of Aloha love, peace, harmony and compassion and how they can impact your life
  • How to Tap into your Guardian Angels, Aumakua, and Beings of Light, Love and who they are
  • How to prepare la’au lapa’au healing herbs to heal, and over 20-30 beautiful, delicious, and healthy recipes, and so much more

What You’ll Receive



Day 1Arrival in Hilo, Early Registrations. Hawaii and an early evening warm welcome hug with Kahuna High Priestess Kumu Leina’ala Kaahuhailikaukoalaaika’alaneomiliona’La, our Kahuna Lapa’au, Shaman, Healer’s and Participants. Join Us for Dinner. Arrival Day Dinner ($75-$125.00 Cost)….. Reservations Required.

E Welina Mai Welcoming Dinner & Registrations. …Meet everyone at this Special Surprise Dinner Gathering 5:00pm  Optional… Dinner Site: Volcano House/Kilauea Lodge...to announced ….

Day 2 – 9:00am-5:00pm  Daily Volcano Ohia Room to Sacred Sites, Break 1200pm to 2:00pm. Unless Announced. A Sacred rare opportunity for you to be in private sacred grounds of Pele Ceremony with Kahuna High Priestess, Kahuna, Shaman,  Healers and Ohana.

Share in the mana of the land, sitting at the Huna Mana of Pele. Presenters with this Kahuna and her 'Aumakua (ancestral spirits) - you will be given messages from them and for those who desire it, healings as well. (Own Lunch)

Day 3 – The Huna Mana of this Mystery Ceremony! Just for now we will leave this awesome ceremony a mystery. This sparks the wonderment and unlimited cosmo’s of tapping into the Inner Child and sets the tone for Magical miracles.  

Kahuna High Priestess Kumu Leina’ala, Kahuna Nui Kanoaokalani, Shaman Makisan Sughara,

Ancestors will be present to honor you on your journey. They will stand before you in their multitudes and weep with joy, love, peace, harmony  at your presence before them and what it took to have you here in Ha’Wai ‘I.. (Own Lunch)

Day 4 – A free day to immerse yourself in the energies of Lemuria. This is Farmers Market Day in old town Hilo, only a few miles from the hotel! Lots of food and fun stuff to buy from the local vendors. Or perhaps a swim with the turtles at Richardson Beach or some quiet time reflecting on the Wisdom of the Ancestors? This day is free for you to choose what will bring you joy! 

Kumu & Kahuna Lapa’au will also be available to do private Soul Celestial readings, healings on this day (optional extra). Donations directly to the Kumu/Kahuna/Shaman…..

Day 5 – A powerful ceremony on a Mysterious Heiau, where you will feel the grandness of this sacred land - the temples of MU Lemuira. (Lunch own)

Day 6 – Life was meant to live in happiness, laughter and JOY Mystical Site.  A SACRED SPECIAL DAY.  Cost to be $179-$200… Cost Not Included, please Pre-Register to get this sacred package….

Followed by a farewell dinner in old Hilo town, this will be the culmination of the love and laughter we have shared on this sacred journey. (Lunch & Dinner Own) Pre- Reservations for this Special Dinner Gathering…. A Queen’s/Princess Delight $125…..

Day 7 – Departure from Hilo or you may chose the ‘CIRCLE ISLAND TOUR GET A AWAY” to relax for a Day before you leave….

* The final itinerary is subject to change (due to weather or guidance from the Ancestors!)

OPTIONAL ADVENTURE DAY: Upon Completion of Event, a Special Get-Away Tour on the Big Island of Hawai'i...


Explore the Night Volcano - Small Group Tour with Exclusive Dinner at The Volcano House - The Rim Restaurant or at the Royal Queen Court…



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