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Aloha Is
Aloha is a promise the sun will shine again.

Bringing fresh hopes on dreams with each new day that begins. 

Aloha is the sunlight, shining through the darkness.

Giving strength, giving strength to all we do.

Aloha is His Grace, walking in the sunlight.

Feeling the beauty of life, feeling the beauty of life.

Aloha is His Helping Hand, His Warm and Comforting Voice.

It is His Peace, be with you, in love forever and always.

Aloha is the mind, the heart in perfect harmony,

Its tenderness and love, deep in the heart of Hawai`i.

Aloha is Hawai`i, Hawai`i is Aloha

Hawai`i is Aloha iâ `oe, I love you.

Aloha au iâ `oe, Hawai`i, I love you.


A  Journey to Ones Divine Birth-Right to Be The Aloha

When the world wants you Be Love.

BE Love. It is not that hard, seeing as how we are comprised of Love. One wouldnʻt know it from the looks of things right now but I promise, we are all made of Love.

When the world wants you to choose indifference, and when those around you want you to take sides, take the side that is Aloha and take the time to Be Love.




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Kahiki mai ka wahine o


Mai ka ‘aina mai o Polapola,

Mai ka punohu a Kane,

Mai ke ao lapa i ka lani.

The woman Pele comes from Kahiki,

From the land of Polapola,

From the rising mist of Kane,

From the clouds that move in the sky.



There was a time in the mysterious past when the air was surrounded with spiritual beings and 

a thin veil divided the living from the dead, the natural from the supernatural. During that time 

Pele, goddess of the volcano, came to Hawai‘i carrying her youngest and favorite sister 

Hi‘iakaikapoliopele, as an egg


Who is Pelehonuamea or Pele?

(goddess of the volcano)

Where did she come from?


distant lands)

What is Pele holding in her right hand?

(Hi’iakaikapoliopele, her youngest sister)

“Pele, the sacred living deity of Hawai‘i’s volcanoes, controls the limitless power of 

creation through her perseverance, molten strength, and unearthly beauty. Her passion 

emanates from her ancient existence. Revered and honored is the fire goddess. She is my 

spiritual guardian and forever the heartbeat and soul, continuously giving life to her land 

and its people.”


Setting the stage: 

Pele traveled from the northern-

most islands guided by her favorite brother Kamohoali‘i who

was also a guardian shark. Having traveled for many miles from Kahiki in search of a suitable 

home for her fire and family, Pele finally settled in the crater of Halema‘uma‘u at the summit of 

Kīlauea Volcano. 

Pele personifies fire and volcanism in all its forms. The volcanic landscape is her handiwork. 

The poetic name for her is 

Ka wahine ‘ai hōnua

, the woman who devours the earth. She sends 

streams of molten lava flowing down the slopes of the island of Hawai‘i, destroying everything 

in its path. The land trembles and the sky is afire with a crimson glow as her molten body 

moves across the land. Those present whisper in awe, "

‘Ae, ‘aia lā o Pele, 

There is Pele


. Ho‘okupu:

Ho‘okupu are gifts or offerings. Some types of ho‘okupu that are given to Pele are ‘ama‘u, pork, 

red fish, banana, ‘ōhi‘a


lehua blossoms, and red ‘ōhelo berries that grow near her domain.